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The Top 10 Green Meeting Applications

MeetingApps.com, the first on-line portal featuring a broad range of mobile applications available to international meeting and event professionals, released the top 10 green meeting applications. According to Joseph Lo, the leader of the company’s technology development team, “knowledge is the key towards sustainability and increased social responsibility.” So here is the list of the top 10 green meeting applications MeetingApps.com selected.




MeetingApps.com is the first on-line portal featuring the most useful mobile applications available to international meeting and event professionals. The apps included in this portal are selected by invitation only, and there is no fee for the primary listing service. The portal was developed for the fundamental purpose of making life easier for professional meeting planners.

MeetingApps.com provides a comprehensive mobile application search service for everything from hotels and resorts to restaurants and attractions. The apps featured on MeetingApps.com also include the meeting, trade show and/or event operation assistant apps. MeetingApps.com enables attendees to connect with each other, share schedules, and download their conference agenda or event itinerary.


*Source: meetingapps.com


#.10 Seafood Watch

Seafood Watch recommendations help users select ocean-friendly seafood at restaurants and for catered functions. The app contains current recommendations for seafood and the complete detailed information to assist the planners make the environmentally friendly choices.

#.9 Green Travel Choice

With just two clicks on a GPS based map users can calculate the CO2 emissions for bus, train, motor bike, various car types and plane trips.

#.8 GoodGuide

The GoodGuide app instantly reveals whether products are socially and environmentally responsible so that it helps guide the meeting organizers’ purchasing decisions. The app’s barcode scanning feature lets users access GoodGuide’s science-based health, environment and social ratings for over 170,000 products.

#.7 Green Tips

Green Tips is an app that shares green ideas. Each time a user opens the app it shows a new tip, and the list of tips shared gets stored for future reference.

#.6 Route4Me

Route4Me is a navigation system specially designed to provide the optimal route for multi-destination trips (ie. during site inspection visits or when on tours.) This application allows the site inspectors to save time, money and energy by providing them with optimized tour routes.

#.5 SoundNote

SoundNote provides an environmentally-friendly note-taking method during meetings. It tracks what note-takers type while recording audio, so when the note-takers play back the recording and tap a certain word on the note it plays the specific point in the audio recording when the note was taken.

#.4 Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper provides the ability to create virtual notebooks for the iPad. Paired with the Bamboo Stylus, it turns an iPad into the ultimate paperless communications tool for use at work and meetings.

#.3 Bump

Bump allows users to share a range of digital contents such as the contact information and photos by simply bumping two phones together. This eliminates the need for printed business cards. It creates an efficient way for tradeshow attendees or meeting delegates to exchange information.

#.2 Conference CO2 Calculator

The Conference CO2 travel calculator assists in selecting a green venue for a potential event. The app helps select locales less harmful to the environment, depending on where your delegates are traveling from.

#.1 Green Globe

The Green Globe app provides a broad selection of sustainable resorts, hotels, conference centers, attractions and tour experiences. Green Globe is a market leader in certification of sustainable travel and tourism businesses, assisting you to make the environmentally responsible venue selection decisions.


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