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2014 MICE Destinations 3. Major Results from 2014 London MICE Industry

In 2014, a lot of cities of the world have striven to grow their MICE industry and thereby create added value for them. As a result, a lot of cities have turned out to have registered steadily improving performance in the international ranking as disclosed by Union of International Association (UIA) or International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). Among them, Busan, a Korean city, has cut a figure in MICE among Korean cities through the year by registering a total of 261% for the last five years in accordance with UIA statistics by hosting major international conventions such as ITU Plenipotentiary Conference and ASEAN-Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit. In its turn, London has grown 100% for the last five years based on ICCA statics through hosting strategic conventions that rapport with the flagship industries of the region. So, for this issue, we have taken a closer look at the MICE industry and other major business projects in Busan and London, respectively, that have registered an outstanding performance in the Korean MICE market in 2014.


1. Major Performance from 2014 Busan MICE Industry
2. Growth Strategy and Major Projects for Busan MICE Industry
3. Major Performance from 2014 London MICE Industry
4. Growth Strategy and Major Projects for London MICE Industry

3. Major Results from 2014 London MICE Industry

1) Holding Global MICE Events

① London Technology Week
Events that Busan holds as a metropolitan city in a bid to vault into a leading technology city of the future
Held around London from Jun. 16 through 20, 2014, London Technology Week was organized with as many as 203 events in total 125 venues including stadiums, museums, and convention centers. The event was held to support the growth of technology industry, a key industrial sector as selected by London and treated the topics of technology-connected game, big data, IT, wearable devices, education, and fashion. Especially, the event broke from a single-industry exhibition to include various types of conferences and exhibitions such as technology-related workshop, investor meeting, and speech contest, thus successfully wrapping itself up with over 40,000 people participating for five days from 40 countries. London expects that based on London Technology Week, it will attract the world’s major technology innovation companies and investors. It is further expected that London Technology Week will serve as an important momentum in working to make London as the cradle of the global technological innovation.

② Advertising Week Europe
Reinforcing the status of London through attracting creative businesspeople in advertising and media
In late March 2014, the 2nd Advertising Week Europe (Ad Week Europe) was successfully presented. Molded on New York’s Advertising Week, Ad Week Europe, which held its first session in 2013, successfully presented the second session, thus establishing itself as the an influential conference in advertising and media. In 2014, Ad Week Europe invited advertising and media CEOs, dignitaries, and entertainment celebrities to run 197 events and over 100 seminars and workshops. Furthermore, holding a networking event and a major ad award ceremony like Andy Awards further enriched the event. Total 23,000 people came to 2014 Ad Week Europe, adding 9,000 to 14,000 visitors in 2013, thus registering a steep growth. 84 organizations that supported the event included London & Partners, which is a partner of Ad Week Europe and an exclusive London tourism marketing agency, global media companies like ITV and ESPN, and social network services like Facebook and Twitter, and this was 37 up from the first year (with 47 partners in 2013). Ad Week Europe will further its efforts to position itself as an influential advertising event by inviting to its 2015 event major businesspeople in the industry who are exercising more powerful influence on the global advertising and media market.

③ Cloud and IT Infrastructure Expo
2014 IP Expo attracts the largest ever audience of 130,000 people and creates synergy from industries
In October 2014, the European exhibition of IP Expo (Cloud and IT Infrastructure Expo) was successfully held in ExCeL London. The audience at the exhibition included 13,385 people, 6% up from 2013, while its exhibition space was 16,000㎡, thus registering an increase of 15%. A prevailing opinion is that 2014 IP Expo Europe was able to attract a greater audience and more exhibitors while treating diverse topics related to wide-ranging IT infrastructure by simultaneously hosting Data Center EXPO and Cyber Security EXPO.

Dunkan Kirk, COO of Imago Techmedia that organized IP Expo Europe, also commented on its success, “While moving the exhibition venue from Earls Court Two to ExCeL London helped the growth of IP Expo Europe, hosting in tandem Data Center EXPO and Cyber Security EXPO created the synergy. The two-day event, which provided the Europe-wide participants with wide-ranging lectures and exhibitions with diverse-ranging topics, presented new business opportunities in one setting.”

IP Expo Europe not only provided for successful international trade contracts through exhibitions, but also presented over 300 lectures for its audience and a networking opportunity among over 15,000 people working in IT infrastructure industry. The host disclosed that the exhibition came up with over 300 new products. In turn, ExCeL London said that it would continue to provide active support to ensure the development of the exhibition and generate added value.

④ Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict
Upgrading the level of the city through active participation in international agenda
In June 2014, Global Submit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict was held at ExCeL London, the city’s largest convention multiplex. Co-chaired by William Hague, the UK Foreign Minister, and Angelina Jolie, Special Envoy for the UN high Commissioner for Refugees, the Summit proceeded for four days.

The summit, which has the topic of ending sexual violence in conflicts, mustered 79 prime ministers from 123 countries, the UN, African Union, and European Union, and a total of 1,700 delegates who shared the theme. The summit adopted a declaration for real action and thereby urged the people of the world to change their perception with a view to eliminating threats of sexual violence inflicted by weapons in conflicts. The UK expected that the event would reinvigorate the campaign for PSVI (the Prevention Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative) which was adopted in 2012 and that the 2014 summit would further raise global awareness about ending sexual violence in conflicts.

During the summit, 175 street events unfolded throughout London and a relay event ran around the globe for 84 hours, thus implementing it as a world-wide event. At ExCeL London where the conference including the Summit took place, a 6m-wide screen was set up to present real-time video clips describing the around-the-world relay event, while Facebook and Twitter also showed real-time content related to ending sexual violence in conflicts, thus drawing the global attention to London.

2) London Continues to Add to the Number of Its Hosted International Meetings

London’s omnidirectional efforts to foster its MICE industry is now evidenced in various indicators. According to the statistics on international meetings as defined by International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), London came in 7th in the world by holding 166 events in 2013, which was twice as many as 83 events in 2009, which was only five years ago. Such performance by London seems to have resulted from the active marketing efforts that the city made to ensure audacious investment in MICE infrastructure and demand creation as it prepared for 2012 London Olympics. To boot, it is believed that the success has originated from London’s unique strategy for synchronized development which links up the project for large-scale industrial promotion (in technology, bioengineering etc.) led by London Mayor Boris Johnson and the development of MICE industry.


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