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2014 MICE Destinations 4. Growth Strategy and Major Projects for London MICE Industry

In 2014, a lot of cities of the world have striven to grow their MICE industry and thereby create added value for them. As a result, a lot of cities have turned out to have registered steadily improving performance in the international ranking as disclosed by Union of International Association (UIA) or International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). Among them, Busan, a Korean city, has cut a figure in MICE among Korean cities through the year by registering a total of 261% for the last five years in accordance with UIA statistics by hosting major international conventions such as ITU Plenipotentiary Conference and ASEAN-Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit. In its turn, London has grown 100% for the last five years based on ICCA statics through hosting strategic conventions that rapport with the flagship industries of the region. So, for this issue, we have taken a closer look at the MICE industry and other major business projects in Busan and London, respectively, that have registered an outstanding performance in the Korean MICE market in 2014.


1. Major Performance from 2014 Busan MICE Industry
2. Growth Strategy and Major Projects for Busan MICE Industry
3. Major Performance from 2014 London MICE Industry
4. Growth Strategy and Major Projects for London MICE Industry

4. Growth Strategy and Major Projects for London MICE Industry

Strong leadership of Boris Johnson, London Mayor
London’s promotion of MICE industry is also connected with the commitment shown by Boris Johnson, who was elected Mayor of London in 2008. For Mayor Boris Johnson created a brand out of the city and went out in promotional activities, thus attracting conventions and corporate meetings through his countless efforts. Especially in 2014, he opened the new webpage of London Convention Bureau on the homepage of London & Partners and thereby enabled customers, partner organizations, and event & meeting professionals to exploit online search in bringing publicity to the supports provided by London and the strengths that city has. This should represent the latest topographic change in London marketing.

Selection and concentration strategy through picking key industries
London has set its new goal of generating added value by hosting several MICE events related to life sciences, technology, financial, and creative industry to facilitate partnered growth with those key industries, which were selected by London to foster its MICE industry. In a single notable instance, Technology Week, which was first held in 2014, killed two birds with one stone: it promoted the development of MICE industry and technology industry by at once reinvigorating technology business as one of key industrial sectors and holding various MICE events in 125 locations of London.

Integrated marketing through Convention Bureau
In 2014, London & Partners created the homepage of Convention Bureau on the homepage of the company with a view to delivering London-related information more accurately and effectively to the world-wide meeting professionals who want to hold conventions including international meetings. It enabled one-on-one consulting with officials of London Convention Bureau by allowing upload of project proposals on the Bureau’s homepage by overseas event professionals who suffer from shortage of information related to the convention facilities and meetings setup. Moreover, the usability of the homepage as a marketing tool is maximized by providing a wide range of promotional videos, brochures, and information on past MICE events that are needed to bring publicity to events to be held in London.

Attracting events through cooperation with London’s major convention facilities
To attract MICE events more aggressively, London operates an organized program of networking events including creation of leads, public speaking opportunities etc. for event organizers that hold meetings at London’s major convention facilities (such as ExCeL London). Besides, the city partners with appropriate convention facilities to stage sales activities targeting event organizers and companies for the purpose of hosting specific events. Especially, London is marketed as an event venue by providing them with various familiarization tours.

Generating added value through supporting the hosting of int’l sport events
By successfully holding the mega sport event of 2012 Olympics, London was able to bring global publicity to the attractiveness that the city has as a sport event venue. After it held Olympic Games, the city aptly renovated its Olympic sports facilities and therewith hosts various international events and cultural events. Furthermore, the city pursues continued development by redeveloping the areas close to Olympic sports facilities into so-called Silicon Roundabout. London’s Olympic marketing goes on.

Holding various events and cultural events designed to attract international visitors
Many of the visitors to London arrive with the purpose of seeing the various cultural heritage and relics in the city. London keeps up the ’Always on’ marketing, which provides digital content creation services for related industries so that more foreign tourists may choose London as their destination. Notably, by strengthening the organic partnership between Visit London, a webpage on London tourism, and the homepage of London Story which began operation in 2014, reservation service has been upgraded to ensure that they can experience more conveniently the various events and cultural events unfolding in London. In contrast, they have decided to temporarily put on hold such services as posting sponsor logos and linking event homepage, which have been considered as lowly effective marketing activities.


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