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Operation Status and Strategy of Global Top Exhibition Venues 4. Operation Status and Strategy of Eco-Friendly Exhibition Venues ③ [Global 48th] Messe Stuttgart ? Fulfilling Responsibilities with Green Statement

4. Operation Status and Strategy of Eco-Friendly Exhibition Venues
③ [Global 48th] Messe Stuttgart ? Fulfilling Responsibilities with Green Statement
Inasmuch as the name Stuttgart stands for capability, advanced industry, and innovation, the city owns well-developed auto, machinery, and computer as well as other high-tech industries. So, the city is very active with international event organizing industry in those areas, and is equipped with a basis for providing world-class services in their support. As the region’s leading exhibition facility, Messe Stuttgart uses its own exhibition facilities to not only host exhibitions and holds and attracts international conventions, but also promotes the hosting and planning of event-organizing business in the other parts of Germany and overseas. It is a global event organizer that provides related services to respond to the demand from the event-organizing market.

Created to host German Horticulture Fair (from 1939)
Messe Stuttgart originates from the building with four exhibition halls, which was built in Killesberg of Stuttgart in order to host the German Horticulture Fair in 1939. After the building was burnt down in the Second World War, it was rebuilt in 1950 as a 15,000㎡ exhibition facility. Through continued expansion, it went through the first expansion in 1955 (25,000㎡ secured), the second expansion in 1965 (40,000㎡ secured), and the third expansion in 1981 (50,000㎡ secured). Since the expansion of the facilities removed the greens and caused traffic snarl with hosted exhibitions, it drew backlashes and protests from the local community.

Messe Stuttgart relocated closer to airport in response to the negative response from local community to insensible expansion(1998~)
Afterwards, in 1998, a review of candidate sites for relocation of the facility and a poll of local community finalized its relocation to its current location, closer to Stuttgart Airport and A8 Expressway. And in 1998, the State of Baden-Wurttemberg passed a related law and thereby decided to provide 806 million euros for the construction of a new Messe Stuttgart. The construction of new Messe Stuttgart began in 2005 and was completed in 2007. Current Messe Stuttgart boasts a convenient location, as it is directly connected to Stuttgart Airport, expressway, and railroad network. By lately installing a new layer ventilation system, Messe Stuttgart saves 30% of energy as compared to the previous system. Minimum 50% of its site remains green, while the roof of exhibition and convention center will have about 30,000㎡ of photovoltaic panels.

Company-wide implementation of Green Statement prescribing 7 eco-friendly deeds
Messe Stuttgart and Congress Center is an affiliate of Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH and has since its opening in October 2007 been operated in a sustainable and future-oriented way. For this, the facilities use resources in an eco-friendly way and puts to company-wide use Green Statement designed to fulfill environmentally responsible deeds. The seven eco-friendly deeds prescribed by Messe Stuttgart may be summarized as follows.
1. Energy: use green energy and LED light bulbs
2. Environment: increase efficiency for cooling and heating
3. Waste management: waste sorting and reuse
4. Water: water quality conservation and saving
5. Catering: provide eco-friendly F&B and banquet services
6. Mobility: promote eco-friendly visits and travels using public transportation
7. Employees: create an eco-friendly work environment

Publishing Message, a bulletin on exhibition, travel, and region
Messe Stuttgart publishes three times a year Message, a magazine for its customers. Message treats latest information on exhibitions, conventions, and events hosted by Messe Stuttgart and publishes reports and various feedbacks on latest trends in event-organizing industry, while providing travel information for Stuttgart as well. Readers have access to the magazine in PDF, available online on the homepage.

Multi-event mobile application provided
Lately, Messe Stuttgart developed a multi-event mobile application as a service support tool needed to participate in or host events. Before they visit venues, exhibitors and audience can use the mobile app to review a list of exhibitors or exhibition & convention programs, or favorite entries from the list. Also, they can even set alerts for important events. A virtual venue tour or a site plan can promote preliminary education, while message, photo, and video serve to play back the event scenes.

Group revenue of 114 mil. euros achieved by hosting yearly 62 events, 1,900 exhibitors, and audience of 1.14 mil. people
Messe Stuttgart hosts 19,000 exhibitors (about 21% from overseas) and 1.14 million visitors by holding an average of 62 exhibitions each year. Newly opened in 2007, Messe Stuttgart is estimated to register nearly full capacity utilization beyond the German average of operating rate. In 2008, when entire facilities went into operation, reservations flooded so much as to disallow further booking for facilities, and afterwards, a yearly minimum of 70 fixed events has been booked and held.


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