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Operation Status and Strategy of Global Top Exhibition Venues 3. Operation Status and Strategy of Asia’s Largest Exhibition Venues ① [Global 4th] China Import and Export Fair Complex ? Largest Exhibition Venue in Asia and China

3. Operation Status and Strategy of Asia’s Largest Exhibition Venues
① [Global 4th] China Import and Export Fair Complex ? Largest Exhibition Venue in Asia and China

Asia’s largest exhibition venue that hosts Canton Fair, the world’s largest exhibition that has led China’s economic growth
As China’s largest venue located in Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Complex was constructed to host China Import and Export Fair, the world’s largest exhibition. Also known as Canton Fair, the exhibition was first held in 1957 and has since steadily grown. And to create more specialized facilities for exhibitions including Canton Fair, the government of Guangzhou built Liuhua Complex in Liuhua of Guangzhou and opened it in 1975. Afterwards, as continued growth of Canton Fair required greater exhibition space, China Foreign Trade Centre affiliated with Ministry of Commerce of PRC created Pazhou Complex on the island of Pazhou in Guangzhou in 2002. As the two exhibition venues were created for Canton Fair, they were collectively called Chinese Export Commodities Fair Complex in their early days, which was renamed China Import and Export Fair Complex in 2007.

Use-based distinction of Liuhua Complex and Pazhou Complex
Built earlier in 1975, Liuhua Complex had hosted Canton Fair since its opening and stopped being used for Canton Fair from 2008 when the expansion of Pazhou Complex reached the stage where it could singlehandedly handle Canton fair. Through the third-phase construction of the exhibition venue, Pazhou Complex came to have total indoor exhibition space of 338,000㎡ and thereby independently secured the size of exhibition space which was available before only by combining with Lihua Complex. Currently, Liuhua Complex is used to host small and medium exhibitions and as import and export support center. Looking ahead, it continues to function as an accessory facility for Pazhou Complex while working with the nearby Baiyun International Convention Center to host small and medium exhibitions and conventions.

A facility built with advanced technical equipment with a focus on operational efficiency as well as user convenience and safety
As a relatively new venue, Pazhou Complex is an eco-friendly facility built with cutting-edge technical equipment. Adopting advanced facility management system designed to upgrade the efficiency of venue operation, Pazhou Complelx provides optimized environment for exhibitors and audience by tapping into a management system which automatically controls temperature, humidity, and ventilation in the building, fire-fighting system, CCTV, safety system which provides locking system and nighttime security, communications and network system, and parking management system. And it ensures user convenience and safety by having its central operation center manage and control data collected through those systems. More than anything else, Pazhou System has adopted a globally recognized rainwater management system, which is supposed to handle rainwater gathering on the roof in a short period of time to minimize its effects. Also, Pazhou Complex runs a special ventilation system called Respiring Window, which collects data such as temperature and humidity inside and outside and adjusts window angle to operate ventilation when needed.

Eco-friendly advanced infrastructure built through creation of natural greens and water park
To get high-class eco-friendly exhibition facilities desired by every modern exhibition facility, Pazhou Complex has secured a very advanced environment by achieving an environmental ratio of 48.7% with the exhibition venue surrounded by greens. Also, as the Complex is located on an island, the nearby Pearl River is tapped to in creating a water park with a total space of minimum 80,000㎡ that is 1.3km long and 66m wide, thus providing a distinctive space for event audience. The center of the water park has an open water space with a size of 40,000㎡ and includes nine differently-sized greens.

Facilities managed by China Foreign Trade Centre, the host of Canton Fair
Since it was constructed, Pazhou Complex has been operated by China Foreign Trade Centre. Recognized for its contribution to the country’s international trade, China Foreign Trade Centre was selected in 1999 among the top 25 excellent companies by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. And in 2001, with approval from the PRC government, it was upgraded to a government-supported agency and remains as such.

China Foreign Trade Centre operates and manages everything related to Canton Fair
China Foreign Trade Centre has six affiliates of Canton Fair Advertising Co., Ltd., Canton Fair International Travel Agency Co., Ltd., Canton Fair Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd., Canton Fair Economic Development Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Property Managing Co., Ltd, and Canton Fair SQC Trading Co., Ltd, and operates and manages all projects related to the hosting of Canton Fair. Besides, it has established partnership with hotels and TV channels.

Performance upgrades through hosting spring and fall Canton Fair and other large events with minimum 50,000㎡
Created with a view to hosting Canton Fair, Pazhou Complex focuses on Canton Fair that is held twice each year in spring and fall. Furthermore, it hosts 50,000 to 130,000㎡exhibitions such as International Furniture Fair, Building & Decoration Fair, Lighting Exhibition, and International Automobile Fair. Pazhou Complex hosts an increasing number of exhibitions year after year, and in 2009, it increased about 30% with about 70 events held.


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