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Major Overseas Cities’ Strategy for Using Unique Venues and Actual Cases 4. Use of National Building Museum in the US

4. Use of National Building Museum in the US
Annual year-end event at National Building Museum
Recently, making news as it was attended by President Obama and Psy, the world-famous singer, the annual event of Christmas in Washington was held at National building Museum on the second Sunday of December. Drawing international spotlight, the concert mixed Christmas carols with a finale performance by Psy who sang his hit song, Gangnam Style. As it was presented at National Building Museum, it attracted a lot of people’s attention with its historic significance and the geographical location.

With high ceiling and spacious hall, the Museum is popular as a unique venue for MICE events
National Building Museum, with its palatial ceiling, spacious hall, and premium construction materials, allows various decorations and presentations and is very popular as an MICE venue. National Building Museum includes event-organizing facilities such as the Great Hall that can accommodate 200 to 2,000 persons, two meeting rooms and three exhibition halls.

Holding various social and cultural events including presidential events
Since President Grover Cleveland held many of his events in the Great Hall of National Building Museum in 1885, the tradition has lived on. Each day, the place hosts events related to the city and the national public administration such as CityVision Fall 2012 Final Presentation, and it is famous as the venue for the United States presidential inaugural balls. Starting with President Cleveland, inaugural balls for twelve US presidents have been held in this building. In January 2013, it hosted the ball celebrating the reelection of President Barack Obama. In 2009, when President Obama had his first inauguration, National Building Museum held the Commander-in-Chief’s Ball for servicemen and their families. In addition to such national events, National Building Museum hosts similar events such as dinners, receptions, concerts, and meetings, especially a lot of social and cultural events for families.

In 2012, the Museum hosted Honor Award Gala held by Urban Land Institute
On Mar. 15, 2012, National Building Museum held the 26th Honor Award hosted by Urban Land Institute (ULI). ULI has worked for last 75 years in organizing international forums that educate 3,000 members in urban landscape, site use, and rental and help their networking. And the Honor Award has been held every year at National Building Museum in order to conduct award ceremony that commends persons who pursue the development of urban landscape, environment, and community culture. And as a venue for award ceremony with historic significance, the Great Hall at the National Building Museum also serves as the venue for a respectable gala show.


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