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An In-Depth Analysis of the Status of the World’s Meetings Industry Trade Shows in 2014 Europe ② [IMEX] World’s Largest Meetings Industry Trade Show

Continued Growth through Successful Invited Buyer Program and Various Programs and Accessory Events
As an exhibition specialized in meetings industry that is held every May at Meese Frankfurt located in Frankfurt, the center of German finance and business, IMEX provides excellent business opportunities for exhibitors and buyers and presents successful application of its hosted buyer program. Furthermore, it has prepared educational programs and accessory events that can help figure out and discuss major issues and trends in the industry to satisfy various types of demand and needs in the industry. With this, IMEX continues to grow as the world’s best exhibition specialized in meetings industry that leads the innovation and development of the global meetings industry.

World’s Largest Meetings Industry Trade Show with 3,500 Companies Participating from 157 Countries
A look at the implementation of IMEX based on its 2013 performance, we see 3,500 exhibitors participated from 157 countries. For IMEX, 2013 recorded the best ever performance in view of its major performance such as audience, hosted buyers, and the number of business meetings. If we take a look at the portions of net exhibition space of IMEX 2013 by continent or business category, exhibitors participating from Europe registered the highest 46%, which was followed by Africa and Middle East (11%), Asia-Pacific (8%), and South America and the Caribbean (6.5%), while North America (the US and Canada) was just 3%. By business category, hotel registered 13% while private sector accounted for 6%.

With a High Percentage of Domestic Hosted Buyers, Efforts Are Made to Diversify Buyers by Hosting Buyers from BRICS
2013 IMEX has total 8,828 visitors (buyers and hosted buyers), and by continent, domestic visitors accounted for 64%, while 23% came from European states excluding Germany and 3% from the US. 15% of the hosted buyers were domestic people, while 9.5% were Americans and 9% were Englishmen. Buyers hosted from Europe accounted for 41%, which included Russians (7%), Italians (5.5%), and Frenchmen (4.5%). There were a large number of buyers hosted from all of BRICS excluding Indonesia, which seems to be a strategy adopted by IMEX Group while considering the purchase power of buyers from China, Russia, and Brazil that register a right-up curve in proportion to the sharp growth shown by emerging meeting countries.
Discovering and Selecting Good-Quality Hosted Buyers Based on Years of Know-How
The hosted buyer program that is widely used in today’s world is the exhibition operation strategy, which Raymond Bloom, chairman of IMEX Group, first adopted in launching EIBTM in the late 1980s. By organically tapping into its time-honored arsenal of networks, know-how, the ability to perform a specific analysis on market demand and needs, IMEX Group digs up and selects quality hosted buyers and optimizes performance in business meetings and contracts by strategically exploiting its reservation program.

Business Talks between Buyers and Participating Companies that Bring Palpable Results
Selection of hosted buyers is finalized through preliminary checkup with major brokers and groups operating for meetings industry such as major hotel chains, magazines, and associations. By providing complimentary air travel, lodgings, and transportation, IMEX strives to boost participation in IMEX from exhibitors and audience. The hosted buyer program of IMEX reflects its commitment to implementing performance-focused exhibitions through business meetings between buyers and participating companies, and provides incomparable high-tech solution to ensure more efficient booking and event implementation.


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