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An In-Depth Analysis of the Status of the World’s Meetings Industry Trade Shows in 2014 North America ① [IMEX America] Operating North America’s Largest Hosted Buyer Program

Part of IMEX Group’s Efforts to Grow the Meetings Business in North America
IMEX America is a meetings industry specialized exhibition launched in October 2011 with a view to creating business opportunities and expanding meetings business in North America based on the brand and operational specialty that IMEX Group has acquired in the global meetings market. IMEX America is delivering an unexpected performance by presenting the hosted buyer program which was passively deployed in the existing North American market, and is held at Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas.

North America Specialized Exhibition with 80% of Local Buyers
While IMEX has registered steady growth since its launch in 2003, it has been pointed out that while it has a lot of buyers from North America, it includes a small percentage of exhibitors participating from North America. So, IMEX Group launched IMEX America in 2011 to absorb business in North America by creating a marketplace there. Just like IMEX, IMEX America hosts various companies encompassing the meetings industry, but being specialized in North America, 80% of its buyers come from there. IMEX America registers excellent performance in event implementation by deploying its hosted buyer program on the largest scale in North America, based on the international competitiveness in brand and operational specialty that IMEX Group previously acquired.
Exhibitors Evenly Distributed Locally and Internationally
Based on its 2013 performance, the implementation of IMEX America is analyzed as follows. First of all, 2,694 exhibitors participated from 150 countries, of which 80 were in new booths. Local and international companies accounted for 52% and 48%, respectively, while by continent, North American exhibitors from the US or Canada accounted for the large percentage of 22%, followed by 17% for Europe and 10% for Asia Pacific. By business category, hotel-related exhibitors accounted for 20%, an overwhelming portion compared to other categories.
At Least Half of Audience Composed of Buyers
Total 1,852 persons visited 2013 IMEX America, half of whom were buyers. 2,691 hosted buyers came from 40 countries. To classify hosted buyers by business category, incentive house/agency/third party and corporate customer/company accounted for the largest portion of 34% respectively, while independent planners took up a portion of 19% and associations and government agencies accounted for 13%. Of hosted buyers, 60% were buyers who worked for incentive house/agency/third party, which was followed by corporate customer/company that accounted for 25%. To classify hosted buyers by nationality, 72% of them were local buyers and 5.5% were Canadian buyers, totalling 77.5% for North American buyers, which shows that not only companies but also buyers were hosted mainly from North American from a strategic perspective. The UK and Brazilian buyers were respectively 4.5% and 4%, while the rest of the world accounted for 1% to 2.5%.
Contracts Realized through 2012 IMEX America Worth 2.8 Billion Dllars
An exit survey that was conducted on hosted buyers with the closing of 2011 IMEX America showed that contracts created through the participation in IMEX were worth a whopping 2.8 billion dollars. The survey of 2012 event which was implemented in the same manner created 3.3-billion-dollar-worth contracts, which was 28% up from 2011, thus demonstrating IMEX’s ability to create substantial value and the power of the hosted buyer program. Some 50,000 one-on-one talks were reserved between exhibitors and buyers at 2013 IMEX America, while 9,500 buyers participated in group talks.


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