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The Contents Marketing Strategies of the Convention Bureaus 2. The Case of the Tourism Montreal

The strong point of the contents marketing lies in the fact that more stories can be contained than the simple paper advertisements or the distribution of the PR articles. In addition, the trend of the contents marketing has been such that the contents marketing has been explosively increasing with the appearance of the new platforms, including the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with which the contents, including the recent images and videos, the high-resolutions photographs, etc., can be easily shared by everybody.

Despite such a flow of the world, relatively, the MICE industry has not been able to utilize the contents marketing strategies, yet. Instead of objectively presenting the MICE infrastructure, the potentials, and the tourism and cultural resources of the city through a report that is longer than 100 pages, the content that possesses a powerful story once can have bigger forces. The Marketing Challenges International, a company specializing in the city marketing of the United States, included the solution related to this in a article called “The Business of Storytelling.” In this serials of article, the solutions of the contents marketing through the storytelling as presented by this report ave been looked at. Second article is about ‘The case of Tourism Montreal’.

1. The past and the present of contents marketing.
2. The case of Tourism Montreal.
3. The key 1 of the contents marketing strategies: The development of the contents
4. The key 2 of the contents marketing strategies: The contents distribution

2. The Case of the Tourism Montreal

The Montreal Blog: Friendly, usefully, and actively.

In the past 2013, Tourism Montreal opened the blog called the “Meetings a la Montreal (The MICE event in Montreal)”, which is specialized into the MICE field. In the concerned blog, not only the general information related to the MICE event could be found, but also the MICE industry news that are updated twice a week, the trends of the main partners, the unique events carried out within Montreal, the introductions to the unique venues, the interviews with the industry leaders, etc. are posted.

The provision of the useful contents to the planners of the MICE events with a friendly tone.

The Vice President Emmanuelle Legault of the marketing section of Tourism Montreal said, “The “Meetings a la Montreal” blog strayed from the standardized method of the provision of the information as had been previously engaged in by the convention bureau. And it introduces the contents of Montreal with the diverse methods with the everyday and friendly tone.” For example, posting such as ‘the 10 wonderful facilities of which the rent could not be thought as being possible by you’ and ‘the 10 reasons why Montreal must be selected as a MICE event hall’ are the very useful information to the readers of the blog, including the planners of the MICE event and are the fun contents that can induce the interest.

By actively providing the information to the planners of the MICE event, the improvement of the positive image and the degree of trust.

Other than the provision of the friendly and new information, yet another point regarding the success of the blog of Tourism Montreal is that, if there is any information desired by the planners of the MICE events, Tourism Montreal actively provides it, even if it is not a content that can directly elicit the event inducement. For instance, when there was a request by a person-in-charge at an association asking if he or she could receive the contents and the related materials put up on the blog. So that, he or she could share them with the constituents of the concerned association, the persons concerned of Tourism Montreal chose the side of readily sharing them rather than regarding this as a troublesome, additional work and rather than blocking this by saying that there is the danger of the leakage of the information. This was because it was judged that, even if an event inducement is not made right away, the positive image of the brand called “Montreal” can be instilled in the constituents of the concerned associations and the trust that the organization possesses the useful information can be installed in the constituents of the concerned associations.

The aggressive blog PR through the diverse platforms and the internal staff members

If fun and useful contents have been made, this must be spread so that a lot of the potential customers, or, in other words, the planners of the MICE event can see them. For this, Montreal has been concurrently implementing the diverse PR methods, including the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the Search Engine Marketing (SEM), advertorials, the various social media, the oral transmission marketing (word-of-mouth), etc. Indeed, it has been unfolding the offensive marketing activities. Also, the internal staff members of the Tourism Montreal have been adopting the method of sharing the contents of the blog through the accounts of the social media. Especially, it has been encouraging the sharing of the contents on the professional networking sites such as LinkedIn. Through this, more persons concerned of the industry have been making the positive images by becoming aware of the blog and Montreal.

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