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The Contents Marketing Strategies of the Convention Bureau 3. Key 1 of the contents marketing strategies: The development of the contents

The strong point of the contents marketing lies in the fact that more stories can be contained than the simple paper advertisements or the distribution of the PR articles. In addition, the trend of the contents marketing has been such that the contents marketing has been explosively increasing with the appearance of the new platforms, including the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with which the contents, including the recent images and videos, the high-resolutions photographs, etc., can be easily shared by everybody.

Despite such a flow of the world, relatively, the MICE industry has not been able to utilize the contents marketing strategies, yet. Instead of objectively presenting the MICE infrastructure, the potentials, and the tourism and cultural resources of the city through a report that is longer than 100 pages, the content that possesses a powerful story once can have bigger forces. The Marketing Challenges International, a company specializing in the city marketing of the United States, included the solution related to this in a article called “The Business of Storytelling.” In this serials of article, the solutions of the contents marketing through the storytelling as presented by this report ave been looked at. Third article is about ‘The contents marketing strategies: The development of the contents’.


1. The past and the present of contents marketing.
2. The case of Tourism Montreal.
3. The key 1 of the contents marketing strategies: The development of the contents
4. The key 2 of the contents marketing strategies: The contents distribution

The Two Keys of the Contents Marketing Strategy – The Contents Development and the Contents Distribution.

The thing that a person-in-charge of the contents marketing must keep in mind, without fail, is the point that, instead of the goals of the contents marketing being for the advertisements and the PR of the present, the goals of the contents marketing are for heightening the values of the brands by providing useful, related information to the potential customers. In the long-term point of view, if the good contents are continuously developed and shared, the authority, the trust, and the degree of the brand loyalty of the concerned brands can be formed very solidly. Or, in other words, the unceasing development of the good contents and publicizing widely the contents developed in such a way comprise the two keys of the contents marketing strategies. In this viewpoint, the process of the formulation of the contents marketing strategies of the Convention Bureau can be largely divided into the contents development and the contents distribution. From now on, I shall take a look at the matters to be thought of importantly each process from these two viewpoints.

3. Key 1 of the contents marketing strategies: The development of the contents

In the phase of developing the contents, the mistake that can be made easily by the persons-in-charge at the Convention Bureau is being swept away by the temptation to develop only the contents that help the business right now. However, the thing that must not be missed absolutely is to strongly establish the connection between the contents and the concerned city brands, thereby making it possible for the potential customers, such as the planners of the MICE event, the corporations, the persons-in-charge of the associations, who come into contact with the contents to discover the values of the city brand naturally. If this takes place, the business performance naturally follows. Yet another thing that must not be missed is to not list only the information related to the city, as seen in the case of the Montreal blog, and to actively provide the various information that can prove to be of actual help to the planners of the MICE event. If so, what specific efforts must be exerted in order to develop the effective contents? Largely, the explanation can be made by being centered on the following 4 types.

① The contents must be made concisely, in such a way as to be understood easily, and usefully.

When making the contents, the matter to be thought about first is the point that it must be made so that the target customers do not invest excessive time or energy in subscribing or watching the contents. The complicated or boring contents and the contents that are difficult to understand lower the image of the city. The representative form that is concise and, yet, easy to understand by the readers is the listicle. The ‘listicle’ is a compound word combining ‘list’ and ‘article’. It means the article of the method of listing the number of the kinds related to the topic. BuzzFeed, a news service site of the United States, became the top news service sited based on the number of the visitors as of 2014 with the articles of the listicle form. With regard to city marketing, too, if the contents in the form of the listicle are developed, this can make the city appealing more simply and interestingly to the planners of the MICE event. In addition, there is the strong point, too, that the reader can easily find the information by visiting again at the time point when the information is needed after having the concerned contents on the bookmark.

② Publicize the intellectual resources of the concerned city.

The thing that is as important as the introduction of the infrastructure, including the convention centers, the transportation networks, the tourist attractions, etc., possessed by each city is conducting the PR regarding the intellectual resources of the influencers who live in the concerned city. As a representative example, there is the ‘Big Influence’, a microsite operated by the Dallas Convention Bureau. On Big Influence, the figures from all walks of life (Politics, economy, society, and culture) of Dallas comprised of the diverse races, genders, and ages are introduced. And, for each of the figures, the concise interview videos regarding the potentials and the strong points of Dallas have been produced and posted. The planners of the MICE events who have visited this micro site may have the high expectation that, if an event is held in Dallas, the influencers introduced here may visit the event and that they and the participating companies and the participants can engage in the businesses. And they will indirectly experience the fact that not only the hardware infrastructure but also the intellectual resources are strongly lined up in Dallas, which means that the probability of selecting Dallas as a host city for the event gets higher.

③ Utilize the visual media that can give the impact.

Rebecca Jones, the person responsible of the industrial relations of BCD M&I, which is a global MICE planning company, said that, because of the point that the visual media can be easily shared, the visual media are of the contents form that is preferred by the planners. And he added, “It is our position, that the high-resolutions photographs which can be attached to the presentation materials provided by the clients or the short (A maximum of 1 minute~2 minutes) videos are good. The fact that the contents have been classified by the theme, such as the culture, the activity, the night life, and the dining, proves to be helpful.”

④ Have the interest in the development of the contents that can lead the industry.

Lastly, the point that must be kept in mine during the contents development phase, the contents developed by the convention bureau must be able to lead the industry. For this, not only does the person-in-charge have to always open his or her eye and the ear to the news of the MICE industry, but also there is the need for him or her to quickly read the new flows of the media, the industry, the new technologies, etc. For example, through the interviews with the MICE experts and the influencers of each industry, Tourism Montreal has been providing such new issues as the management of the mobile app platform that can be grafted onto the MICE industry and the Wi-Fi.

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