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The Contents Marketing Strategies of the Convention Bureaus 4. The Key 2 of the Contents Marketing Strategies: The contents distribution

The strong point of the contents marketing lies in the fact that more stories can be contained than the simple paper advertisements or the distribution of the PR articles. In addition, the trend of the contents marketing has been such that the contents marketing has been explosively increasing with the appearance of the new platforms, including the YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with which the contents, including the recent images and videos, the high-resolutions photographs, etc., can be easily shared by everybody.

Despite such a flow of the world, relatively, the MICE industry has not been able to utilize the contents marketing strategies, yet. Instead of objectively presenting the MICE infrastructure, the potentials, and the tourism and cultural resources of the city through a report that is longer than 100 pages, the content that possesses a powerful story once can have bigger forces. The Marketing Challenges International, a company specializing in the city marketing of the United States, included the solution related to this in a article called “The Business of Storytelling.” In this serials of article, the solutions of the contents marketing through the storytelling as presented by this report ave been looked at. Forth article is about ‘The contents marketing strategies: The contents distribution.’

1. The past and the present of contents marketing.
2. The case of Tourism Montreal.
3. The key 1 of the contents marketing strategies: The development of the contents
4. The key 2 of the contents marketing strategies: The contents distribution

4. The Key 2 of the Contents Marketing Strategies: The contents distribution

Let us say that the best contents were made by considering all the matters to be attended to when developing the contents already looked through above articles. However, what would it be like if the contents made excellently do not get delivered to the meeting planners and if they get stagnant at the site of the Convention Bureau? If the contents are not properly distributed, this can only remain as a half strategy. As a result, meticulously formulating the contents distribution strategies is a very important part with regard to the contents marketing. If so, how can the enthusiastically developed contents be delivered to the target customers? The explanation can be largely made with the following four.

① Utilize not only the official social media accounts but also the accounts of the internal staff members.

If you want the contents to be shared by a lot of people within a quick time, you must be able to utilize not only the official social media accounts but also the personal social media accounts of the internal staff of the Convention Bureau for the contents distribution routes. As we can know from the case of Tourism Montreal, the professional networking sites such as Linkedin become the very effective windows for the movement of the contents. As the staff members of the Convention Bureau are the constituents belonging to the MICE industry, there is the very high possibility that the people they have entered into relations through Linkedin are the workers in the MICE industry. And the fun and useful contents can make the natural conversations come and go between them. Or, in other words, within the social media, with the contents brought by the staff members of the Convention Bureau, the people of the industry can vigorously engage in the conversations. And, at times, such positive reactions can be continued by direct sales.

② By using the SEO tactic, induce so that the contents can be easily discovered.

The persons-in-charge of the contents marketing need to exert a lot of efforts in order to study the SEO strategy mentioned earlier and in order to introduce it to the working level. Each of the contents in which the ideas and the efforts of the members of the Convention Bureau have been concentrated must not go down to the bottom of the portal site, thereby being unable to find them. For this, the persons-in-charge must optimize the keywords and must use the appropriate URL and the page titles. And, by utilizing the portal site services such as the Google Authorship, which is a service that provides the original authors of the contents with the photographs and explanations, the unceasing efforts must be made so that the contents of the Convention Bureau can catch the eye before the other related information. Actually, according to the research in 2013 by Matthew Campion, who is the co-founder and a researcher of LookTracker, a body researching eye-tracking, it was proven that there is more attention of the subjects paid to the search results in which the images and the explanations appear by using the Google Authorship.

③ Publish the contents in the third media.

If, in the position of the bureau, large-scale contents distributions are wanted, it must not end at publishing the contents only in the official sites and the official social media, and it must be made possible so that the contents can be published in the third media. For example, New Orleans has tied a charged partnership with BuzzFeed and has been publishing the various contents of New Orleans in the form of the native advertisements (Native advertising). Other than these, there is the method of publishing the contents by using the influential business media such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Businessweek, and Fast Company.

④ Continuously utilize the e-mail, which still is an effective contents distribution channel.

Although a lot of new media have appeared, the e-mail still is an effective contents distribution channel. Moreover, there is the strong point that, in the case of the target customer receiving the newsletter of the company, the concerned contents can be introduced without having to pay any separate and additional distribution costs (Including all, such as the time, the budget, and the manpower). However, there is also a matter to be cautious about in the case of introducing the contents through the e-mail newsletter. This is, indeed, that it must be not intended to show all, from the A to the Z, of the contents at once and that, in order for the reader to quickly understand the core topic of each content, only the short and concise messages must be carved into relief. If this is done, the meeting planners who have received the newsletter of the Convention Bureau can quickly check the core of the e-mail despite his or her busy work and, in case there are good contents, the storing can be made in the storage box so that the application can be possible to the working-level later on.

Above, we have taken a look at the methods for applying the contents marketing to the Convention Bureau. The effects of the contents marketing do not appear overnight. The contents marketing is similar to the long-tern investments for heightening the trust and the values of the city brand. If one continues with the developments regarding the contents and the investments regarding the distributions, the city will become a city about which the many meeting planners have the interest and a city in which the events are intended to be held in no time.

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