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Advanced HR Management System of Reed Exhibitions as an Event Organizer 1. Reed Exhibitions Overview

As the world’s largest event organizer, Reed Exhibitions has 33 offices and 3,000 or so employees around the world. Supervising 500 or so events in 39 countries each year, Reed is a typical performance-focused company and has an advanced human resources management system running on the belief that the success of a company is grounded on the performance of individual employees. This issue is going to take a look at the HR management program of Reed that leads the world’s exhibition industry and thereby come up with suggestions applicable in the local industry. Before, we take a look precisely about Reed Exhibition’s know-how, to learn about ‘how Reed Exhibition expand it globally?’

1. Reed Exhibitions Overview

World’s Largest UK-Based Global Event Organizer
As the world’s largest global event organizer, Reed has its main office in the UK. The 1966 takeover of the US Cahners Publishing’s shares and portfolio in exhibition industry by International Publishing Corporation (IPC) invited Reed to join the business. In 1970, Reed International acquired IPC, and for following 15 years, Reed Cahenrs expanded their event-organizing business throughout the US, Asia, and Europe by steadily taking over other companies. In 1986, the company was reborn as Reed Exhibition Companies, and in 2000 when it bought Miller Freeman Europe, it became the world’s largest event organizer.

3,000 Employees Supervising Yearly 500 or so Events in 39 Countries of the World
Based on its powerful brand, Reed manages about 500 events a year in 39 countries, and in 2011 alone, Reed’s events racked up nearly 6 million visitors. As a subsidiary of Reed Elsevier Group plc, a provider of professional information and management solutions in sciences, law, medicine, crisis management, and other business areas, Reed Exhibitions has 33 offices around the world and hire over 3,000 employees.

Changing Its Strategic Market to Lately Growing Countries, Reed to Increase its Portfolio for New Markets up to 35%
Ten years after it acquired Miller Freeman Europe, Reed has changed its major strategic markets to late growing countries such as China, Latin American states, Russia, and Middle East states and is providing a spur for its advancement into the markets by exploiting joint venture partnerships and the Reed brand. As part of the effort, Reed created its first China branch, Reed Huayin, in 2003, which was followed by Reed Sinopharm in 2005 and Reed Huabo in 2007. Also, acquiring Alcantara Machado of Brazil, Reed became the top event organizer in Latin America. Reed plans to increase its portfolio for Asia and other new markets from current 24% to maximum 35%.


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