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Advanced HR Management System of Reed Exhibitions as an Event Organizer 3. Reed Exhibitions’ HR Management Program

As the world’s largest event organizer, Reed Exhibitions has 33 offices and 3,000 or so employees around the world. Supervising 500 or so events in 39 countries each year, Reed is a typical performance-focused company and has an advanced human resources management system running on the belief that the success of a company is grounded on the performance of individual employees. This article is going to take a look at the HR management program of Reed that leads the world’s exhibition industry.

3. Reed Exhibitions’ HR Management Program

Development Programmes
Development Programme that Reed Exhibitions provides for its employees is composed of various components such as seminars, training courses, one-on-one tutoring, cultural training, and online support, and it is divided into the two types of Personal Development Programme (PDP), which is an annual program for all the company employees, and Management Development Planning (MDP), which targets high-level managers and top management.

Personal Development Programme
The annually provided PDP is designed to ensure that the development of staff’s work skills is implemented in the medium and long term by evaluating employees’ work skills and performance, rewarding excellent performance based on the results of the evaluation, and figuring out which skills need to be reinforced. Thus, PDP is not just a program that evaluates employee performance, but a strategic HR management program designed to develop work skills by drawing up education and training plans. As of 2011, Reed invested 26 million dollars in the operation of PDP which included educational courses, seminars, one-on-one tutoring, and subsidizing tuitions.

Management Development Planning
MDP is a program targeting high-level managers of Reed Elsevier Group plc, and as of 2011, total 355 persons benefited from the program. Of the employees, some have their development plans reviewed, which they are implementing as beneficiaries of the program. To establish goals for MDP, individual applicants undergo an in-depth interview to figure out their strengths and identify the skills that need to be developed, so that present and future goals for career development based on it. Once individuals’ goals for work skills development, detailed action plans are drawn up to accomplish the goals, and those plans include acquiring professional knowledge in new areas through external activities such as overseas market experience, intensive coaching, and volunteering for organizations sponsored by Reed. The status of fulfillment of individuals’ goals is regularly evaluated and continuously checked through updates.

The Leadership Programmes
Reed runs two types of Leadership Programmes, which are Business Leadership Programme and Strategic Leadership Programme designed to foster high-level managers with leadership qualities.

① Business Leadership Programme
The purpose of Business Leadership Programme lies in rearing leaders who can mount a flexible response when faced with various challenges, and the program is composed of diverse contents designed to upgrade work skills and ensure acquisition of related knowledge, such as understanding of financial affairs, organizational management, selecting priority projects, and trade. Business Leadership Programme is an intensive program, and except the two sessions sourced outside the company, all the other sessions are provided online. The instruction force for the outsourced sessions include officials from Reed Elsevier Group, instructors from premium educational institutions, and major consultants in education and development.

② Strategic Leadership Programme
Provided in alliance with Harvard Business School, Strategic Leadership Programme has been designed to rear talented individuals equipped with excellent skills that come on top in the Group. Each year, Reed Elsevier Group selects a group of beneficiaries through a series of selection procedures, and subjects them to an intensive prep course before they can join the week-long educational session at Harvard University. The program not only includes conversational lecture and case studies of the industry, but also treats in group seminars various topics such as strategy, finance, customer focus, leadership, and innovation, while the program is specialized to the needs of the attendees. The greatest benefit of the Harvard program lies in providing an opportunity to network with attendees that have similar experience in the industry and specialist knowledge because of the characteristics of the eligible group, not to mention the quality education coming from it.
Reed China University
Through Reed China University, Reed Exhibitions China provides a comprehensive training program that encompasses the full gamut of the event-organizing industry. Each year, 10 or so educational sessions are currently provided for all staff in six offices located in China. Most of the classes are taught by high-level managers, who volunteer to prepare and implement them. Specifics of the classes are differently organized to the needs of the groups of students, while specific needs invite instructors from outside the company. For instance, weekly English class is handled by an external instructor.


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