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14 Future Trends to Which the Convention Industry Needs to Pay Attention to in 2015 13. Awakening of Security Issues

13. Awakening of Security Issues

An Exhibition ? An Event Easy to be a Target of Terrorism

Concerns about security and its importance are growing in our modern society. As an exhibition is an event where thousands of people are gathered in one place, it is not safe from potential threats of terrorism. Especially, large exhibitions held in major cities like New York, Washington D.C., and San Francisco can be an easy target of terrorists. Usually, major exhibition organizers or large convention centers have their own policies and measures against such potential dangers. However, not every group or organization in the convention industry has such policies and regulations, so threats of terrorism are still remaining.

Essential Part of Security in an Exhibition ? Emergency Medical Service

An emergency medical service is also one of the essential parts to consider for the sake of security of an exhibition. Medical services to cope with sudden emergencies certainly have become one of the mandatory requirements in all exhibitions. It is also necessary to thoroughly check and make sure that prepared medical services along with the person in charge and professionals are available instantly at the right time.

Call for Stricter Data Security

Issues such as data hacking and data security fragility are also one of the dramatically increasing security problems. The exhibition organizer and service providers collect important information on the exhibition and attendees. Most of the information need to be kept confidential as they are sensitive or private information such as telephone numbers of participating companies, financial data, contact information of attendees, and credit card records. Besides, most of the information that require tight security is digitalized; it is time for stricter data security policies.

Dysfunction of Development of Digital Technology ? Invasion of Privacy

Aside from data security, infringement of privacy has also emerged as a hot potato. Recently, thanks to the development of digital media and generalization of smart devices, organizers and participating companies use attendees’ social media, app history, and the traffic line in their marketing strategies. However, there are still ongoing controversies such as to what extent attendees’ information should be released, who possesses obtained information and how it should be used, and whether it is against the law, while collecting data.


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