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The 50 kinds of trends that shook the MICE event in 2014 4. The Design Field

In 2014, there was an outstanding convergence trend compared to previous years. In the beginning of 2014, MICE event was beginning to appear as fully digital, and the apps and other advanced technologies are fully integrated and embedded across the exhibition. Marketers were experiencing their busiest time to cope with this trend of convergence. They increased their investments on technology convergence sectors such as augmented reality or 3D projection mapping that are non only sufficient to attract visitor’s attentions, but also are reusable constantly. They were also obsessed with wow factors, which are continuously impressing visitors while affecting positively on the brand images.

At the same time, marketers couldn’t help striving to improve the efficiency and reduce the costs, which required them to bring up with brand new strategies to introduce advanced technologies with high efficiency ensured. To this end, they had designers in the early stages of the exhibition preparation, so that they can design the venue to their intentions, while having the ‘multi-disciplinary team’ in operation for a year. As a result, in 2014 there were many exhibitions were hosted based on integrated brand campaigns. Global Experience Specialists (GES), a world class event marketing agency also focused on the trend of convergence introduced in the MICE industry. The company also released its annual list of 50 trends effecting 2014 in the four segments of budget and planning, marketing, technology and design. In this article, we discuss the GES’s list of trends, and how events in MICE industry can cope with these trends to improve the effectiveness of the event operation. Forth article is about ‘Design.’


1. Budget and Planning
2. Marketing
3. Technology
4. Design

4. The Design Field

The attractive booths and the attractive structures can catch the eye of the visitors in exhibitions and create the positive images. However, are the designs and the ability to deliver the messages the concepts that are proportional to each other, indeed? Related to this, the Vice President John Woo of the design and creative sections of the Global Experience Specialists (GES) said, “It is a misjudgment to think that the designers simply make the sculptures. The designers must create the sculptures that make the messages intended to be delivered to the target audience delivered to them and the sculptures that make the messages stand out.”

The clearly defined product areas
The corporations must design the booths so that the products are clearly shown through and so that, when the attendees visit the booths, they can find the needed information at a glance. Philips, which participated in the LIGHTFAIR International, had possessed over 40 particular brands. Even if a large-scale booth is rented, it looked impossible to unfold and show all the brands within one booth at the exhibition hall. In consideration of the positioning by the particular brands, Philips subdivided the concerned booths into the 12 markets. And it was able to neatly and tidily line up the complicated line of goods according to the big classification goals.

A social media center at the event hall (behind-the-scenes, no more)
The event planners have been exerting the efforts to recognize the importance of the social media and to manage the social media. However, in most cases, the people who manage the social media stay in the office and not the event hall. As such, although it is not known as to whether the immediate ‘answers’ can be given, it is difficult to engage in the ‘coping on site’. As such, Cisco installed a booth in the exclusive charge of the social media in the inside of the event hall at the Cisco Live Flagship event. And the professional staff stayed, received the matters of the discomforts and the dissatisfactions related to the event that are posted on real time, and immediately resolved these on site.

The touch screens of which the multiple usage is possible (The multi-user interfaces).
With the size of the touch screen installed in the inside of the event hall getting larger gradually, the number of the users who experience the touch screen has been increasing gradually from 3 persons, 4 persons, 5 persons, and more. In 2013, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Verison made public the enormous wall made of the touch screens. Thanks to this large-scale screen, many attendees could experience the Verison brands, all in one, without standing in long lines. And the desired contents could be selected according to the interests of the persons concerned.

The new method of shooting the commemorative photographs (Photo ops)
Now, the era in which the participants leave the commemorative photographs with simply the Polaroid or the Smartphone has ended. Recently, at the exhibition centers, the new technologies, including those of the chroma key, the virtual reality, etc., have been appearing so that the participants can leave special photographs. Not only that, the participants can insert the photographs of themselves in their own social media right away.

The bracelet with embedded RFID (No more interruptions)
Recently, Disney introduced the brand bracelet with the RFID built in. The customers wearing this bracelet can buy things at the amusement part without having to carry a wallet. They can grasp which queue of which playing facility is longer. And, through the RFID detector, they can make the posting on their social media. If such RFID technologies are introduced to the MICE event, not only will it increase the convenience and the joys of the participants in the event, but also it will enable them to manage the event that has even more unity and is as natural as the flows of water.

Eliciting the unexpected reactions (Unleash the unexpected)
If there are too much new technologies scattered around the exhibition center, the attendees may lose the interest, instead. As a result, the designers hide the many new technologies here and there in the exhibition space so that they cannot be seen. And the designers must know how to provide the joys of discovering these. For example, when an attendee wearing a bracelet onto which the RFID is embedded in passes by a certain wall which is ordinary within the exhibition center, and if he or she witnesses the scene of the wall suddenly moving as if it is alive, this will become a much happier experience than when coming into contact with the new technologies of which the predictions are possible.

The utilization of the smart devices of visitors as the second screens
Today, most of the event participants always carry the smart device. Even at the time of the speaker making a presentation, the audience do not let the smart device go from the hand. As a result, the recent marketers have been putting forward the strategy of utilizing the smart devices, such as the smart phone and the tablet PC, of the event participants as the second screens. The Vice President Robin Stapley of the design/creative section of GES said that if the smart devices of the attendees are utilized as the second screens, the information fitting the propensities can be provided because there are the people who are attending the exhibition center to enjoy with a light mind and, in contrast, there are also the people who are participating in order to understand the very detailed information.

The impressive booth design (The Show stoppers Still Sweet)
The attendees who are visiting the exhibition center seek the wonderful things to see that could not be seen previously and the something that overwhelms one’s eyes. Eventually, this suggests that the glamorous and big booths and the designs that have the strong impacts are still effective as the success strategies of the exhibitions. As a result, the installation of an impressive, large-scale booth that can give the powerful impact on the attendees must not be forgotten.

The touch-enabled fabrics
Recently, a lot of the exhibitions have been saving the transportation costs by using the fabric materials instead of the heavy, fake wall structures. In addition, the fabric materials have been capturing the attention with regard to the point that the exhibition designs can be made even more abundant and the point that the new technologies can be easily combined. For example, the method of inducing the attendees to naturally participating in the brand event by touching the fabrics in which the sensors are built and others of the like have been used.

Recomposition of the space (The re-imagined footprints)
Recently, the marketers have been paying attention to the making of the monotonous conference hall space into a space where the new and lively exchanges come and go. Related to this, GES has introduced the ‘zone’ concept to the Inforum, which is a corporate event that provides the demonstrations of the new products and the new technologies. The Inforum event hall has been concisely classified by the colors and the preferences. And the participants can selectively adopt only the information that they desire within this classification system.

The globalization (Going global)
With the world evolving into the global economy, the marketers had started designing the events for satisfying the foreign attendees. For this, the first matter to be considered is the selection of the host city. With regard to a global event, the selection of the host city is a very important element of decision making. The host city must be a place of which the access is easy and, at the same time, it must be a lively arena of culture. If, next, the preparation of a global event has been started in earnest, the efforts must be made to maximize the networking opportunities with the foreign attendees within the event hall. As one example, at the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft made the Regional Lounge space and provided the tailor-made services to the attendees of each country.

Fusing the entertainment elements in the MICE event (Endemic Entertainment)
The entertainment is a good means for converting the monotonous atmosphere of a meeting or an event. Apple had worried regarding how the participants in its brand events, such as the Macworld and the iworld, could acquire the more pleasant experiences. As a part, it had planned the iPhone Film Festival. The iPhone Film Festival is an event in which the movies filmed with only the iPhones are shown. Not only does this prove to be an opportunity for showing the technological capabilities of the iPhones, but also it performs the role of a cultural festival.

Until now, the 50 types of the trends of the MICE event of the year 2014 that had been suggested by the GES have been taken a look at. To the extent that the keywords of the year 2014 were a fusion, in the report this time, the stories regarding the new technologies and the solutions were the main part. Despite this, the issues listed before are not a story regarding the bait strategy for simply attracting the interest in the event. But, this does not mean that it is a guide regarding the method of boasting the new technologies possessed by the corporations. Instead, this is a story about how the hosts and the guests can freely cook the new technologies within the range of not being propagated. Although the marketers, planners, and designers preparing for the MICE event must utilize the new technologies, but they must not be overwhelmed. And, although they must accept the new things, they must repeat the researches so that the previous things can be naturally mixed. And the worries must be ceaselessly continued regarding whether the MICE event can be progressed in step with the era and what technologies must be applied where in order to amplify the marketing effects.


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