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12 Keywords for the Change in Meetings Industry Trend 1. Technology

Today, we are witnessing speedy development of new technologies such as mobile, social media, and virtual reality, and an outpouring variety of social issues such as economic depression and environmental questions. Under such circumstances, meetings industry people, who should lead the change, need to smartly cope with trends in the world with their brilliant insight into the world affairs. In this light, we have identified twelve major trends that reflect latest changes in the global meetings industry. Fist keyword is technology.

1. Technology

Meeting + technology = innovation
According to Corbin Ball, the technology guru for the global meetings industry, technology is undergoing innovation at a blazing speed, while meetings related technology is also transforming fast in step with such a trend. Furthermore, as new technologies now can be used at reasonable prices, a wider portion of human population is using advanced technology. Technology serves as a propellant that reinvigorates ‘innovation’, the engine of meetings industry, and a catalyst that maximizes business efficiency. With the steadily increasing influence of such technology, the future strategic exploitation of technology is expected to make a precondition for strengthened competitiveness of meetings industry.

Twelve Trends of Meetings Technology that Crave Attention in 2012
Corbin Ball suggests twelve trends of meetings technology that deserve attention in 2012 as follows.

① Wide distribution of free or low-priced applications that can be used in holding meetings events.
② Meetings-related mobile technology shifts from the monopoly of ‘early adopters’ to technology used by ‘a number of early adopters’ and ‘pragmatists’.
③ Wide distribution of consumer-developed mobile meetings app.
④ Use of HTML5 required in programming meetings mobile application.
⑤ Recording of the conference and its distribution is implemented more promptly at more reasonable prices.
⑥ Events shared online and offline are promoted to improve the effectiveness of offline meetings.
⑦ Efficient connectivity and services provided through near field communication (NFC).
⑧ Increased activities in social media such as YouTube, designed to promote events and manage events and participants.
⑨ Social network games are used to upgrade participation and participants’ interest in online-offline meetings.
⑩ Tablets are increasingly used to collect related data while an event is in progress.
⑪ Free Internet network, which can be conveniently used by meeting planners, is increasingly seen as a standard service.
⑫ Indoor Positioning System is used to provide location service in an event venue.

Development of Communication Technology is Not a Threat but an Opportunity to Meetings Industry

Due to the economic depression that has struck the entire world, we are recently witnessing more and more meetings held online such as virtual meetings and web conferencing, while some sectors of the industry are experiencing dwindling audience. Yet, meetings continue to provide quality benefits as against budget such as the acquisition of knowledge and information, and networking. Furthermore, meetings serve not only as marketplaces that gather buyers and sellers, but also as strategic platforms where one can come up with ideas and build connections. While online meetings are certainly very effective for short-term and fragmentary information exchange, offline meetings present concrete venues for learning for acquisition of more in-depth information. The recently accelerating development of communications technology is expected to serve as the catalyst in upgrading the efficiency and competitiveness of future meetings, thus bringing about various changes such as trends for combining online and offline events.

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