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Expo, where Human Progress and History Meet People 3. Competition to Host Next Expo

3. Competition to Host Next Expo

Expo to be held in Milan, Italy
2015 Expo will be held in Milan, Italy. It will come five years after 2010 Shanghai Expo, and for this, the Italian government appointed Maurizio Serra as its official emissary, submitted its application to Bureau International des Exposition (BIE) in April 2010, and got Milan finally approved as the host city during the 148th BIE General Assembly. Earlier on Mar. 31, 2008, BIE member countries voted in Paris to decide the host city, and Milan became 2015 expo host with 86 votes, defeating Izmire, its Turkish contender that got 65 votes.

World Expo Milan focuses on Green Economy and Nutrition
The agendas for humankind that World Expo Milan will handle are ‘Green Economy’ and ‘Nutrition’ and the expo focuses on food scarceness and international cooperation for the purpose. The goals that World Food Summit set in 1996 included reduction of undernourished population by half by 2015. Earlier on, The State of Food Insecurity disclosed in 2008 by UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) presented a survey conclusion that such a goal would be difficult to accomplish. The world’s undernourished population was 923 million people in 2007, up 80 million people from 1990-1992. And it showed that 67% of the starving population was located in India, China, and the Sub-Saharan Africa. The problem is serious especially in the sixteen countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa, where 35% of the local population is undernourished. Industrialized countries have enough farm food to address the food shortage even in such crises as famine and war, whereas unindustrialized countries are bound to run into food shortage. Famine is directly related to the poor. According to the data presented in the UN Millennium Development Goals Report 2008, the subsistence cost for people living in the Sub-Saharan Africa was barely 1.25 dollars, and the rise in the farm products and food in the period of 2007-2008 further aggravated the situation in those countries with no purchasing power.

Main theme: “Feeding the planet, energy for life”
Thus based on the agendas facing humankind, 2015 World Expo Milan has chosen as its theme “Feeding the planet, energy for life” and is going to muster the force of the world in addressing the seriousness of the worldwide starvation and food shortage in underdeveloped nations. World Expo Milan will strengthen cooperation by supporting technology and know-how exchange between industrialized countries and developing countries, while providing opportunities to explore technological solutions for development of farm food system in underdeveloped countries. As plans to implement the objectives, the Expo will specifically present crops that sustain drought, improvement of irrigation and water management system, food processing and preservation methods, and development of food distribution system.

Aggressive Expo preparation by Italian government
110 years after the city held the first expo in 1906, MIlan is going to hold its second. For this, Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, Prime Minister Prodi, Minister D’Alema, and Mayor Letizia Moratti of Milan are actively cooperating with the hosting delegation and organizing committee. The Milanese government secured an expo site on the outskirt of the city, and planned to spend 900 million euros on the construction of the convention center and 800 million euros on the creation of infrastructure including social overhead capital (SOC). Furthermore, they have arranged that ‘nuovo sistema fier a milano’ project, which the economic Italian capital of Milan has implemented since the early first decade of the new millennium, is going to be completed by the opening of 2015 Milan Expo, thus ensuring that the realization of the Expo theme will be reflected in the development of the entire city. Notably, by locating the expo site on an island encircled with a waterway, they made sure that participating countries and organizations would enjoy more of free expression while realizing its symbolic role of connecting the countryside that produces nutrition and the city that consumes it.

Expo hosting campaign targeting 90 countries of the world
In October 2010, World Expo Milan Organizing Committee and BIE secured 57 participating countries as their supporters by inviting 700 or so people from 90 countries of the world and presenting the upcoming expo and vote-for-Milan campaign. Moreover, they have decided to focus their cooperation on more effectively delivering the educational message of the theme and exploring ways to contribute substantially to the sustainable improvement of the quality of human life. Besides, they held Carta 2015 as a forum for free exchange of views related to the theme. And they provided a venue for obtaining knowledge and information from invited specialists in science and culture and conducting discussions with the private sector. Meantime, the Organizing Committee is seeking cooperation by pushing for the creation of Expo Scientific Committee with a view to expanding opportunities for professional knowledge exchange and makes effort to make sure that this doesn’t stop at a successful implementation of Milan Expo but leads to a Milanese legacy which ensures a sustainable life.

Astana of Kazakhstan and Liege of Belgium as candidates for 2017 Expo
Currently, two cities have declared their candidacy for the host of 2017 Expo: Astana of Kazakhstan and Liege of Belgium. The two cities exerted themselves to bring publicity to their national cultures and cities at 2012 Expo Yeosu Korea that came before the BIE General Assembly of December 2012 which would finalize the host. With Future Energy as the theme of Kazakhstan and Connecting the World, linking People, Better Living Together as the theme of Belgium, the two countries are giving spur to host the expo in their cities.
Ayutthaya vs. Izmire vs. Ekaterinburg vs. Sao Paulo vs. Dubai as candidates for 2020 Expo

2020 World Expo, which is a registered exhibition that will last for six months, will be presented on a larger scale than an international exposition with its theme required to rapport with the world trend and its necessity required to be pronounced. And for this, total five cities have declared their candidacy, including two Asian cities of Ayutthaya and Dubai, two European cities of Izmire and Ekaterinburg, and one South American city of Sao Paulo. Interestingly, all five of them are cities in emerging countries. Especially, as Brazil has FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Summer Olympic Games in 2016 and Russia has Winter Olympics in 2014 and World Cup in 2018, their investment strategy, financial plan, plan to attract and disperse audience will serve as major evaluative factors.


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